Refreshing, Relaxing CBD Home Spa Ritual!

A home ritual to improve self care and relieve those tight, stress filled muscles! So, if you work 24/7, are too stressed, anxious, devastated, or just in need of some time to be with yourself and check how you’re doing, this is perfect for you.


Too Much, too Fast…

Right now, we are living in a fast-paced world where it’s very easy to lose track of our well-being and forget to pause and relax. This is why so many people are suffering from stress-related conditions and issues.

Most of us have had days during which stress and anxiety get the best of us and we end up crying, or in a puddle of rage, with a bursting headache and shoulders that are so tense they feel like rocks.

Not taking care of our health, not pausing to check how we’re doing emotionally, mentally and physically, eventually takes a toll on our overall health and could even cause serious medical conditions. So stopping, tuning out and breathing for a while, can come a long way when it comes to leading a better, healthier life… Believe it or not, you could even be saving yourself a future trip to the doctor’s office.

Home Spa CBD Relaxation Ritual for Self-Care!

I have carefully designed the following CBD relaxation ritual that will allow you to have some quality time with yourself, pause, and enjoy being you in a world where it’s very easy to lose yourself in the routine.


This Ritual is perfect for some alone time, though you can also do it with friends or family if you’d rather not do it alone, or if you think it’d be perfect for someone you know who’s in need of some proper R&R.

1 Ambiance

The environment you surround yourself with, particularly at home, really affects the way you feel and how energy flows. So, in order to feel relaxed and well, creating a good environment for yourself is vital.

Before you begin the ritual, or even if you’re not going to do it, it is important to clear up the clutter around you, look around, and carefully be aware of how you feel. Are you at ease, comfortable and safe in this place? Do you like how it looks and feels? Or do you feel uncomfortable, or like it’s not inviting?

If there’s something you’d like to change, go for it! If it’s nice like it is, appreciate it, be consciously grateful that you have a place that feels nice, that feels like your safe space. To slow down, it’s important to really look at the little things and appreciate their value in our lives.

2 CBD Bath

Now, let’s get to the CBD part of the ritual!

Few things are nicer or more relaxing than warm water. This is why almost-hot baths are ideal for relaxation and to loosen tense muscles a little. And you can potentiate the bath with some CBD oil. One or two dropperfuls (1 or 2ml) will do.

As some of you might know, CBD has antispasmodic properties, which means it has the ability to relieve muscle spasms and reduce tension. And after you get out of the bath, make sure to dry yourself before you get too cold, and get in your coziest pajamas!

3 Stretch

After you’ve put on your pajamas, you’re warm and ready to stretch!

Stretching lightly serves a few purposes in this ritual. First of all, it is a really good idea to stretch lightly after you’ve showered, taken a bath, or before you go to sleep. It helps release tension and keeps your muscles loose.

You’ll be stretching again later, but you’ll read about that in a bit…

4 CBD almond milk tea with CBD butter toast (vegan)

Now that you’re more relaxed and less tense, it’s time to shake worries off and sit down with a little snack!

CBD tea and toast are amazing and incredibly relaxing. This recipe is vegan, but you can make a non-vegan version if you prefer, though dairy products are a little heavier on the digestive system, so they may not allow you to relax as much. This is how to make them:


  • 1 cup of almond milk (or vegetable milk of your preference)
  • 1 tea bag (of your preference)
  • 0.5ml (half a dropperful) of 1500mg Isolate CBD
  • 1 slice of bread (dairy and egg free)
  • 1 teaspoon of vegetable butter (almond, peanut, hazelnut, whichever you prefer)


-Mix in half of the CBD oil (0.25ml, or ¼ of a dropperful) with the butter, making sure they blend well. Set aside.

-Heat the cup of milk along with the remaining 0.25ml of CBD until it simmers.

-Pour the simmering CBD milk into a mug with the tea bag. Leave it to rest while you continue.

-Toast the slice of bread in a toaster or the stove until it’s a little crunchy, then spread the CBD butter over it while it’s still hot.

Sit down to eat your toast and drink your tea calmly, without checking your phone, or doing anything else. What’s important about this exercise is to be fully conscious, enjoying the moment, rather than thinking about other things you need to do.

5 Stretch again to see if you feel any difference

Wait 15 minutes after you’ve eaten, and then stretch lightly again. Does it feel any different? Does it feel easier to stretch? Are you more relaxed?

Observe yourself calmly and notice if there was any change at all after the CBD Tea and Toast.

6 CBD face mask

Rinse your face and apply a healing CBD face mask! You can either add a few drops of CBD to your favorite face mask, or make your own, following this recipe we designed for a Calming, rejuvenating CBD Face Mask.

CBD promotes healing and has amazing benefits for the skin when applied topically. So leave the face mask on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off completely with water. Your skin will thank you later!

7 CBD under-eye treatment for reducing swelling

If your eyes are swollen and tired due to the lack of sleep, stress and emotional turmoil, you can dab one drop of CBD oil under your eyes, lightly tapping with the tip of your little finger.

CBD has anti inflammatory properties that lessen puffiness and reduce bags under your eyes, making them feel less tired or irritated, naturally and without side effects.     

Self-Love Massage

Massages are really good for improving circulation, relieving stress, and promoting healing in the body. So it goes without saying that making the effort to give yourself a massage on the legs, arms, face and the whole body in general, is an amazing display of self-love and self-care, which is something we all struggle with most of the time.

Taking the time to do this, will surely help you become more conscious and get in touch with your body. Actually, this is why it’s recommended that parents give back, leg and arm massages to small children; it really helps with sensory development, makes children more conscious of their bodies, reduces anxiety, and improves sleep; plus, as they grow older, they’ll learn how to do it themselves, which develops self-esteem.

But the important thing is…

I really hope this ritual felt nice and repairing. But what’s really important is for you to remember to pause and care for yourself well enough. Remember: your body and mind are your first homes, so watch out for them and keep them healthy! So, if something feels wrong, observe; you will eventually figure it out.

Follow your instincts and listen to your body, because they can be very wise. Take care!  


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