Amazing Pain Relief CBD Chocolate Recipe!

As I promised, today I’m sharing a yummy recipe for chocolate lovers who want to take their daily CBD Oil with their dessert! Plus, everything you need to know about cooking with CBD at home.


5 Things you need to know about using CBD in the kitchen

Now that CBD is becoming mainstream, restaurants and coffee shops are beginning to dip their toes into offering CBD infused menu items. But how about trying to make them at home? Here’s everything you need to know!  

1 The Importance of Flavor!

When cooking, it’s better to use unflavored CBD oil, since the flavored ones will probably affect how the end result tastes, particularly with strong, aromatic flavors like lavender or peppermint.

2 Sweet or Savory?

CBD can be used in both sweet and savory dishes, as well as liquids, but we do recommend that you don’t mix it with alcoholic beverages, since it could increase the sedative effects of alcohol and make those two cocktails feel like six…

3 Fatty is Better!

CBD is fat soluble, which means it needs to bind with fat (oils) in order to mix with recipes and be properly absorbed in the body. This is why it usually comes as an oil and why it goes better with chocolate, milk and other fat containing food.

4 But When it Comes to Heat…

When cooking with CBD, it’s better to avoid exposing it to prolonged high temperatures, since it might degrade into different components. But usual cooking temperatures should be fine, since CBD has a boiling point between 320F and 356F (160C and 180C).

And, interestingly, CBD has been observed to be a lot more resistant to heat degradation than THC is.

5 Practicality is Important

Including CBD in your daily food can be an easy way to avoid carrying a bottle around and remembering to pour a few drops under your tongue.

Some people have felt the same pain relieving effects by eating CBD infused chocolates or snacks, that they do when taking it on its own, so there’s no need to worry about it losing its effectiveness.

Endocannabinoid Boosting CBD Chocolate Recipe!

This yummy recipe has been carefully thought out in order to give the endocannabinoid system a much needed boost. CBD, dark chocolate, and coffee, all stimulate the cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) in our bodies, promoting wellness, healing, lowering anxiety, and providing pain relief, even in small doses.

Here’s how to make a batch for the week!


  • 12 ounces of dark chocolate (chopped, or in chips)
  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla, hazelnut, or almond extract for flavor (whichever you prefer)
  • 3 tablespoons of freshly made coffee
  • ½ tablespoon of 3000mg Isolate CBD Oil


  • Melt the chocolate! To do this, you can either use a microwave, heating the chocolate throughout 30 seconds intervals, mixing as it gets warmer and melts; or, alternately, you can melt it using a bain-marie, by placing the chocolate pieces into a heat-proof bowl and placing that bowl over a half-filled pot of simmering water, stirring as it melts.
  • Once the chocolate is melted, mix in the essence of your choice, coffee and Isolate CBD Oil.
  • Mix well until the ingredients have fully incorporated.
  • Without allowing the mixture to cool, pour it into silicone molds or paper cupcake liners.
  • Allow them to set at room temperature for a few minutes, and then refrigerate for an hour.
  • Take the molds out of the fridge, pat yourself on the back for making something so yummy, and share them with friends and family.
  • Enjoy!

This recipe makes about 10 chocolates, but it really depends on the size of your molds. However, you could use a chocolate bar mold and you’ll get one large CBD chocolate bar! Or two small ones…

What other types of food can I make, apart from CBD Chocolate?


We recommend you mix CBD oil into thick, fat-containing foods and drinks. They don’t have to be extremely fatty, like deep fried stuff, but it does need a little fat so the oil can bind to it rather than become an oily blob at the top. This is why, for example, it’s not ideal to mix CBD oil into a watery juice.

CBD does, however, mix well with chocolate, peanut butter, milk, sauces, and those thick sort of foods and drinks. So you can make a CBD latte, a CBD pasta sauce… you get the drift.

There are those who eat a daily CBD Chocolate for Pain!

A CBD Chocolate a day keeps the pain away…

A therapeutic CBD chocolate is the perfect excuse to eat a delicious treat and take care of your wellness at the same time; it’s the definition of treat yourself if there ever was one… Not to mention it also reduces anxiety.

Some CBD fans out there who suffer from chronic pain, have taken to having these chocolates around whenever they’re feeling like switching up their routine, or even infusing CBD into different meals.

Everyone’s different, but people generally report feeling better after incorporating CBD into their daily routine by including it in food. This way the intake is more consistent and, even if you forget about it, the premade food you’ve prepared already contains the right dosage.

I highly recommend this method! Even if you’re not going to make chocolates every week, it could be a nice change every once in a while. Plus it’s fun and delicious, and you can turn it into an interesting hangout session with your friends.

Did you try this recipe? Comment and let us know what you think!


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