You have probably heard that adults need at least 7 hours of sleep per day. And you have also thought… no way. Well, it’s true! And this post is going to work as a digital and eye-opening slap in the face. Furthermore, if you are suffering from insomnia and you have given up on counting sheep, we are going to tell you why you should try CBD oil for sleep. And, if you don’t suffer from any sleeping disorder, well you should just keep reading anyway if you want to have better sleep at night (hope that wasn’t too aggressive).

Lack of sleep, or an interrupted cycle, is a serious health problem in the United States. According to the Sleep Apnea American Association, sleep related problems affect 50 to 70 million Americans of all ages and socioeconomic classes. Over 70% of adults report that they obtain insufficient sleep “at least one night a month, and 11% report insufficient sleep every night”.

Above all, people who sleep less than 7 hours per day are more likely to become obese, physically inactive and chronic smokers, than people who sleep 7 hours or more. Another interesting fact is that adults who sleep less than the recommended 7 hours are more likely to report chronic health conditions like heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and depression.

But fear not, our devoted readers, for today we give you a possible solution: CBD. But before, let’s first check some studies that suggest a concerning and alarming correlation between lack of sleep and an increase in chronic pain symptoms.

The Correlation Between Lack of Sleep and Pain

Sleeping six hours or more, is not just so you can get up for work and be able to function. There is sufficient literature that relates lack of sleep and pain.

In a 2008 study, researchers wanted to prove that pain and sleep are bi-directionally connected. During the study, participants were monitored daily for sleeping hours and pain symptoms during the day. In 78% of the cases, subjects slept between 6 and 9 hours, and reported daily pain as “mild frequent”. However, when subjects reported less than 6 hours of sleep, their pain symptoms the next morning where stronger. “Results suggested that hours of reported sleep on the previous night was a highly significant predictor of the current day’s pain frequency”, researchers concluded.

On the other hand, other studies proved how people who sleep more tend to have less pain sensitivity. A study conducted in 2012 showed data to support that after subjects who had sleeping problems were subjected to a 10 hour sleep routine during four days, experienced a considerable reduction on their pain sensitivity.

An interesting research evaluated whether partial sleep loss altered endogenous pain inhibition in any way, and spontaneous pain in women. In total, 32 healthy women were studied during a 7 night period. The tests consisted in randomly awaking some of the women during sleep time. After conducting the test and later examining the data, they found that women who had more hours of sleep showed reduction in pain. This findings suggest a possible role of sleep disturbance in chronic pain.

Finally, an alarming study was conducted on 2015 with female nurses who worked long shifts at hospitals. It turns out that work-related stress and sleep deficiency increases the risk of having diabetes, heart disease and stroke (cardiometabolic risk).

Still think that lack of sleep is harmless?

CBD oil for sleep

Ethan Russo, cannabis leading scientist, led a clinical trial to see the effects of the cannabis pharmaceutical drug, Sativex, on pain and sleep. He discovered that CBD and THC improved sleeping conditions in patients suffering from neuropathic pain and in some symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Dr. Russo also found that Sativex improved sleeping parameters in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathic pain, intractable cancer pain and rheumatoid arthritis. If CBD and THC can help patients with chronic pain sleep, it could be a breakthrough in their quality of life.

Another study conducted in adult male rats showed evidence to support that CBD can increase percentage of sleep during daytime. The group of mice that were given 10 and 40 mg/kg of CBD increased the total percentage of sleep compared with the placebo group. Also, the group injected with 40mg/kg showed an increased REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep latency. Researchers concluded that “the systemic acute administration of CBD appears to increase total sleep time, in addition to increasing sleep latency in the light period of the day of administration”. For patients suffering from chronic pain, CBD could be a good treatment for them to sleep during daytime.

Contrarily, there are other studies that suggest that CBD has a more alerting effect, and that it can actually counterpart the sedative effect produced by THC:

“fifteen milligrams thc would appear to be sedative, while 15 mg cbd appears to have alerting properties as it increased awake activity during sleep and counteracted the residual sedative activity of 15 mg thc”.

But how much CBD oil for sleep? Mind your dose

This doesn’t necessarily mean that if you try CBD oil for sleep it will work the other way around and keep you up all night. CBD oil can reduce anxiety, helps deal with stress and facilitates relaxation. This is why many people have found that CBD oil is one of the best choices for sleep. It won’t knock you out like THC, but it will get you in a more relaxed state.

Healthspan Medical Director Dr Sarah Brewer, told Net Doctor why she recommends anduses CBD oil for sleep:  

“It is proven to be particularly helpful for sleep disorders in people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Anecdotally, ever since I started taking CBD at night I have enjoyed really deep sleep and also feel more relaxed”.


However, the issue with edibles is dosing. It is very hard to control how much cannabinoids you are ingesting. That’s why it is better, or more recommended, to try CBD oil for sleep instead. Because of cannabis biphasic effect, it is recommended to start at low doses and grow from there. As Project CBD says, “Start low, grow slow”. Always remember that less is more.

We know this all sounds very interesting. And to make it even more awesome, we’ve picked the 3 best cannabis strains for sleep (based on Leafly) and the best 3 CBD oils for sleep (according to Cannainsider).

3 Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep

Grandaddy Purple

This indica dominant strain produces a relaxed and sleepy effect. It can also help with stress and insomnia. You will taste grape, berry and sweet flavor when trying this strain. “Pain is powerless against GP. So is nausea, anxiety, annoyance and insomnia. This strain would probably set you back to good after drinking 32 cups of coffee and getting hit by a bus”, wrote a user about this strain.

God’s Gift

This is also an indica dominant strain. You will also be able to taste the grape and sweet undertones, just like Grandaddy Purple, but with a little earthy flavor. This is one of the best strains to help you deal with insomnia and stress. “I went to bed with no struggle with a clear mind. I feel great today with no care of what ailed me yesterday”, said a review of the strain.

Afghan Kush

“Imagine a very large, fluffy cloud enveloping your body. Then add weights to your eyelids. Be prepared to feel an undeniable need to eat anything you see…and then somehow find yourself in your bed paralyzed. Do not smoke this if you are not prepared to sleep”. This review by a Leafly user pretty much sums it up. Pain, stress and insomnia are all gone when trying this strain.

3 Best CBD Oil for Sleep


This CBD Oil has an overall score of 4.98 on Cannainsider. This Oil is made from hemp grown in Kentucky. It comes in doses up to 3000mg of cannabidiol per bottle, which is very superior to what the current market has to offer.  Medterra CBD Oil has a light color, different from the light brown color that most oils have. It is made from 99% CBD isolate. As pure as it gets! In terms of price, a 500mg bottle costs around $50 dollars. The 3000mg bottle costs around $150 dollars.

GreenRoads CBD

Green Roads is one of the largest manufacturers of CBD products in the United States. This is a full-spectrum CBD oil and crystalline isolate CBD. Unlike MedTerra, Green Roads includes a full range of terpenes. This CBD Oil has 100mg and 1500mg doses. In terms of prince, the 15ml bottle with 350mg of CBD costs around $65 dollars.

CBD Pure

This CBD Oil has a 4.93 score on Cannainsider. The hemp uses for this oil is grown in Denmark. It’s made from pure full spectrum hemp oil. In every gram you will get 5mg of CBD. The 100 mg costs around $30 dollars; the 300mg bottle costs $55 dollars and the 600mg bottle cots around $80 dollars.

We hope this was helpful!

Sleep tight…