New Year’s eve is coming. And we know you have already been thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. We also know that those resolutions don’t last very long, and very few of us can actually fulfill them before the year comes to an end. We have found the perfect tool for you to track and actually commit to your resolutions: your phone.

Wellbeing Essence cares about your health. We want you to start 2019 with a healthier lifestyle. That’s why we have selected 5 New Year’s Resolutions and 5 apps so you can achieve them by the end of next year. And the best part is that, besides getting a healthier lifestyle, you won’t be spending more than 10 dollars in the process.

Add CBD to your daily routine – Releaf App

CBD has a lot of health benefits. It is a great treatment to deal with anxiety and stress. It relieves all kinds of pain related to arthritis, muscle soreness, among others. Also, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and it can reduce risk of diabetes. Cannabinoids, such as CBD, are a very powerful and effective components which can treat epilepsy. Hemp seeds are some of the most nutritious foods in the planet. These are more than enough reasons to add this to you New Year’s resolutions, right?

The tricky part of getting the right product and strain for you: Every person is unique, and so is the Endocannabinoid system in them. One CBD strain can be perfect for your muscle pain, but it might not be as good for your dad, who suffers from back pain. So, how can you get the most out of CBD? Releaf App gives you all the tools.

This app is just awesome if you want to track and find the best cannabis product for a condition. This app allows you to track your cannabis intake and how it’s helping with a specific symptom. The more specific you are about what you take, how you take it and how it makes you feel, the more accurate Releaf is going to be. With your phone you will be able to identify which cannabis strain and product will be better for your specific symptom. And you can also learn from other users and get their insights on cannabis as well.

Eat healthier – My Fitness Pal

After all the eating and drinking during the holidays, losing weight is on top of almost everybody’s new year’s resolutions. But we all know the momentum doesn’t last long enough for you to see the results. And if you are persistent enough, there’s a chance that in just one instant, you throw everything away for that cheeseburger and shake.

Sometimes the change is so radical and strict people get tired and it becomes a punishment not to eat this or try that. Nevertheless, the best thing to do is to not stop eating, but to eat right. We’ve got the perfect pal to help you have a healthier diet.

MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps in the market to help you develop healthier habits. When you first log in, you need to fill a form where you tell your Pal basic health information like your weight and, most importantly, your goals. How FitnessPal works is that it helps you track everything you eat. For example, if you have scrambled eggs for breakfast, you open the app and add “scrambled eggs” to your list. It automatically gives you the amount of calories present in that breakfast you just ate. If you set your goal at 1,200 per day, the Pal will alert you when you have reached that limit.

FitnessPal has more than 6 million foods in their database to help you keep track of ingredients and meals. It is the best way to help you achieve that New Year’s resolution of letting go of those extra pounds. But most importantly, it will continue to help you once you reach that goal and maintain a healthy diet without saying no to certain foods.

Exercise at least 3 times a week – CARROT Fit

“Greetings, chubby human. I, CARROT, I’m your new fitness lord. I have but one simple goal: to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race”. This is how CARROT Fit welcomes you to its program. This app has an attitude, and it’s just awesome and hilarious.

As developers explain, Carrot is a sadistic AI, designed to beat the crap out of you while you exercise. “It makes losing wight suck less”. You start with a chubby avatar that is going to experience the full wrath and irony of Carrot’s AI. You record your weight up to once a day, so eventually when you lose weight, the avatar will be thinner.

Carrot Fit has seven-minute workouts with intense physical activity, always with the sweet companion of the AI voice. You will earn rewards for losing those extra pounds. You can also set reminders to never forget your exercise routine. And if you do forget and skip your workout, just wait and see what Carrot Fit has to say about that. It also offers a complete guide to set up and track your goals and progress. Carrot will always remind you what a bag of fatty meat you are.

According to statistics published by Offers, losing weight and exercising more is at the top of the list when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. Research has found that 38% of the people wrote that exercise more/lose weight is going to be on their to do list for next year. So if you want an alternative and funny way to accomplish this New Year’s resolution, Carrot Fit is definitely something you should try.

Start practicing Yoga – Pocket Yoga

Yoga is an increasing tendency in the United States. According to The Good Body, there are over 36 million active American “yogis”. Between 2012 and 2017, the number of people who practice yoga has grown more than 50%! However, only 18% of the people who practice yoga are men. It’s still considered a “women’s thing”. For all the guys reading this post, we have something to tell you: add yoga to your New Year’s resolutions! We have just the perfect app to get you started.

Pocket Yoga is considered one of the best apps in the yoga market. Although it is perfect for beginners, don’t worry if you are an advanced yogi. Pocket Yoga has different practices, durations (They know millenials don’t have time to waste) and difficulty levels. This app is the closest thing to an actual yoga class. A soothing voice guides you through your workout, and you can even customize the background music. And one of the coolest things about Pocket Yoga is that it requires no connectivity. So if you don’t have an internet connection you can still practice. This is simply awesome if you want to try yoga in a remote and isolated place.

Finally, one of the most difficult parts of doing yoga without a present instructor is how to know if you are doing the right pose. Pocket App has a Pose Dictionary. Each pose contains illustrations showing the correct posture and alignment, plus descriptions and benefits.

Practicing yoga will increase your flexibility, muscle strength and tone. It will improve your breathing and energy. Yoga also helps you maintain your metabolism in balance while helping you reduce weight in the process. You will improve cardio and circulatory health, which will improve your athletic performance. Still think it’s a women’s thing?

Read more – MARVIN 3 eBook

Americans are reading less every year. That is the ugly truth. According to the American Time Use Survey, the number of people who read for pleasure has decreased 30% since 2004. Only 19% of Americans, 15 and older, read for pleasure on a given day. The average reading time has dropped from 23 minutes per day in 2004, to 17 minutes per day in 2017. And we all know that “read more” is very popular in the New Year’s resolutions. The Marvin App is the perfect eBook if you are into digital reading.

According to Shelfless, an expert tech blog, Marvin is the king of all eBooks. This eBook app has a clean and modern interface to make digital reading as pleasant as it can get. It gives you the possibility to add notes and has a variety of highlighting tools. One of the most impressive things is the Deep View. The Marvin 3 app scans the whole book so you can search anything you want through thousands of pages. It is very common for readers to start looking back for characters, places or a certain conversation. With the Marvin 3 you just tap that character’s name and see all the pages where it appears throughout the text.

Marvin 3 integrates with several web services like DropBox, IMDb, Google Maps and Wikipedia to search for all kinds of things related to the book you are reading. Although there is still a large amount of people who prefer the physical book, if you want to try eBooks, Marvin 3 is definitely the best choice.